We will be presenting our Middle High German automated scansion system at the NAACL – Computational Linguistics for Literature in San Diego in June. For details, see the home page . We hope to have a demo up this summer!

The code is now on Github.


The LegaliPy Demo is now live!

LegaliPy is SyllabiPy’s younger, more ambitious brother. It operates strictly on the Legality Principle, which states that only those onsets permitted word initially are permitted word internally. LegaliPy takes text of any language as input, extracts all the onsets present in the text, and then reads through that same text and syllabifies according to the legal onsets.

The advantage of LegaliPy is that it requires no knowledge of the language whatsoever. Although syllabifiers adapted to a specific language will always be more accurate, LegaliPy can be used to efficiently syllabify any language to a high degree of accuracy. This is great for non-linguists who are looking to perform analysis of a text without having to learn about syllabification.

A Python Syllabifier for Historical Languages